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    As a just started player I didn't get used to gems from ad-boxes, although in that short time it was helpful I am too new to get used to getting gems this easy easy way. From the forum and discord I understood perform well in ANB is have some gems saved up...makes sense. So to be more competitive and beat my own ranking from the previous ANB, I decided to skip gold and save up for better results in bronze. Maybe this is stupid but I rather focus on one ANB league and do well than everytime spending the few gems IaI saved up and do bad in all three leagues.

    I would love to support the developers to keep this game going but currently I am in the middle of nowhere and happy if there is internet at all making ANB extra challenging. I am sorry for currently not being able to contribute

    I enjoy the game even with no boxes and limited internet access. Looking forward to the new updates.

    I would say kudos to the developing team for giving us this great game and giving back some of the old school gaming experience (yes, you guessed right...I am old too...pre-dating internet )


    • DethStrike
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      You don't have to skip ANB's entirely if aiming to not spend gems. When my roommate is out of town, I run a no gem Bounty Hunter on his account and still unlock quite a bit of glory/perfect rare jewelry crates, and at least 1 celestial transform. With an Assault gear set and tesla pistols coupled with Fire Lily, you can farm lots of CL's, materials and a few lucky drops. Usually craft at least 1 nice item to use the celestial on as well. Scatter Shot, Rapid Fire and Pathfinder passive with the 6 piece Assault set kicks a decent amount of butt for no gem expenditure. Not sure if anyone knows of a more complete "free" ANB build, but it's worked out well for my buddy who comes home from out of state to an inventory full of free loot. Don't get me wrong, you're going to spend a ton of time grinding TL's 70-80 and slowly building up CL's, but after an hour of Morgenheim/Darkhold Citadel/Severed Mountain runs with rudimentary Gold gear on, you'll have more than enough gold to make some nice exp Jewelry and improve your ephemeral epic amor/weapon sets in preparation for push for 90. It's not hard to do, just very methodical and slow paced. This is not representative of my normal ANB methodology lol. On my account, I earn the gems, so I spend what I think is the best bang for the buck, meaning all player unlocks including second healer companion, and the first ability research tab. In addition I'll purchase exp boosters at certain key points, and a small amount of 50 to 200 gem crafting crates. Typical spending for consistent top 70 rank: Bronze 2000, Silver 2500, Gold 3000. I never spend more than I can make back before the next ANB.

      Result: TL 90 Probable, Cost: 0 gems.

      For less gems than you earn from one round of daily's you can unlock the second ability and passive, and add on Smoke screen or Magnetic Trap and your preference of piercing ammo, haste or ability rate passives, and stack a lot more CL's, glory and item drops for almost no expenditure.

      Result: TL 90 Guarantee +more materials for a better crafted celestial item, Cost: 30 gems

      If you're willing to spend 10 glory on the trapper's belt, an alternate build that I've had a lot of free success with is Explosive shot, Mag Trap and Tracer ammo, along with the havoc set and Fire Bug/Torch pistols. A nice side benefit of the Trapper's belt, especially for Bounty Hunter newbs, is how much it makes Mag Trap trivialize the mob phase up until about TL 120. Beside the inherent vortex ability of MT allowing Explo Shot to hit it's maximum potential targets more easily, the Trapper's Belt adds a massive slow and damage nerf to the affected mobs. Plus the Mag trap counts as an explosion, synergizing with Tracer ammo, then multiplied by the Havoc set bonus, then increased a further 200% by the belt, not mention another 80% or so from fire damage mods on your gear. For 30 gems as before you can add the heat seekers ability, and a secondary passive. The nice thing about this second build, is that unlike most other BH builds, any of 3 different Bracers of Mastery you find, being Mag Trap (up to 500% dmg stacking insanely with all those multipliers I mentioned earlier), Heatseekers & Explo shot (up to 100% dmg, which also stacks, just not as pronounced) will amplify your damage through the roof. I would in fact steer away from the Assault immediately if you randomly find any of those 3 BOM's and switch to Havoc. Not really an issue, as you are only using ephemeral crafting crates (or single MOTS for early missing pieces) to make your assault gear and Tesla Pistols.

      For this method I spend an average 25 Marks of the Titans (which is a quick and easy number to attain once you have 4-6 pieces of Ephemeral or crafted epic Assault gear for fast early Trial farming). I typically make an Epic Havoc gear set (maybe 2 crafts of each for 12 Marks of Titans), an epic Igniters pistol set (at a total of only 10 Mark of Titans, I usually make about of 5 each pistol until I have reached around 2K+ damage/per), the Trapper's Belt (3 Marks of the Titans), and 2 of Fire Lily/VOWS/COQ each with Fire Damage mods. This leads to comfortably farming TL 80 in 80 to 90 seconds. Later allowing pushing into the 100's, only using the drops I find, and slowly upgrading to legendary Havoc/pistol replacements crafted from the mats I farm in Trials.

      Result: TL 100-? Cost 30 gems + trapper's Belt recipe, plus a minor time cost as you transition into a new gear set.

      For an average of 90 gems more, about half the price of one exp booster (or roughly 2 days worth of daily quests), you can almost guarantee a TL 110 finish, (and likely much higher if you're experienced with all types of BH play) by actively seeking one of the big 3 Bracers of Mastery. I'll typically now spend a chunk of time, normally reserved for farming when going full Assault gear, searching locked chests for the rare BOM. Run The Defiler in Chapter 1 repeatedly until you get one of the 3 desired BOM's in the 5 locked chests found early in that stage. Just run invisible past each chest via smoke screen, looking for the BOM outline, and quit out of the level after checking all 5 chests. Takes about 20 seconds per run, and I've never failed to find one of the 3 if I give it 15-60 minutes. If you have your gold gear set up, you can multitask, using the the gifted gold find boosters while you search. Obviously this makes each run longer as you need to finish the level each time, and is vastly inferior in terms of gold/minute, compared to the usual spots. But time is short (especially in Gold ANB), and the gem drop rate as well as the average loot drop rarity is superior to much of the surrounding Act 1 stages. Often the BOM you find will be Epic not Legendary, given normal difficulty, but this is largely unimportant compared to the ability damage modifier. Plus epics are much cheaper if you want to reforge for fire damage. Mag Trap, Explo Shot and Heastseeker BOM's are all valuable finds. Mag Trap being the absolute king, due to the dmg bonus stacking with the previous mentioned multipliers, for: 500% x 200% x 45% x 80%, then modified by the Tracer stack vulnerability, which has an additional 10 stacks from the Igniters set and Havoc Helmet. Now multiply that total by either %500 from Fire Lily, or the potential proc of a Trinket of Storms.

      You will notice in early Trial farming that you are 1-shotting Kara with Mag Trap, and it stays relevant at 75% to 45% of all damage you deal, up until the TL120's. At this point unfortunately Molten Belt can no longer be ignored for killing elites and bosses, meaning you lose the Trapper's Belt multiplier. This also mean losing the Trapper's control benefits, and you will be amazed at how much work the enemy containment/damage nerf was doing for you and your mortality rate. This is sadly where this budget build really slows down, as so many aspects of what makes it work, just cease being relevant to further Trial pushing. Plus my non maxed skills, unsocketed and non reforged exp gear (I obviously re-craft what I can), lack of a 3rd ability or 3rd passive, only having 1 companion (Healer, duh), never using exp or gold boosters that weren't rewards, and lack of CL's due to needed farming, finally catch up with this approach. The last time I ran this ANB method for my friend I spent a grand total of 95ish gems to unlock the second ability, second passive and opening the Defiler chest that had the Mag Trap BOM (cost varies from 60-120 or so, I got lucky). I ended the ANB with two nice Celestial pieces (level 77 Firebug and 76 Havoc Hood) and got my buddy's budget toon to TL110 with a few hours left on the clock, before I had to quit to focus on my own account and push for the top 50. It's obvious that I could have pushed further had I the time or patience to continue, but that means crafting full CR/CD gear to replace your Lily/Exp set, transitioning to the Molten belt without dying repeatedly, after hours and hours of relative mob tranquility, and just being better at the game than I am. On the bright side, I know from my account that Mag Trap BOM's stay moderately impactful into the TL130's or when you switch to Smoke Screen so you can kill bosses.

      Result TL 110-? with 2 hours spare. Cost 90-150 gems
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    • Eternium2020
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      Well for me the daily 100gems is not enough, thats y i did purchased the 100gems daily and stkll its not enough. But im strong now so thats no problem i can get anyitem i want now, but whats more is that. New players will feel the excitement at first time installing it to Googleplay and will grind for a day and later theyll realise its kinda hard to earn gems, and will consider it pay2win just imagine you and other old players already worried about the lost of ads removal in game, think about the new players haha I bet theyre gonna be bored for the first 2weeks and later on just like what i did i just open enternium everyday just tl get the 100gems for daily task and will not continue play anymore since unlocking the abilities and passives are so expensive.. but at the end here am i already got my demolition sets fully im already trial 90+. i purchased the daily gems to help me out abit, but u know it will not go to waste it will provide a good game experience for the future of this game Enternium.

    • Travis | Support Mgr.
      Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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    Thank you for your lengthy comment and suggestions DethStrike. I was thinking the same, even if only grinding to lvl 70 will get some nice rewards and that is doable without or very limited usage of gems. Your idea to really push a few more rewards is very welcome. I think beginning players should read it since it's a patience game. You cannot run before you walk but picking up some bonuses while learning, bringing and building a playstyle that fits your gaming preference is not bad.

    Thanks again for your constructive help, I will try your suggestions and maybe in a year from now I can be more competitive.


    • DethStrike
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      You'll catch up sooner than you think my friend. I started playing about 3 months ago. After my first ANB was a horrible confusing failure, I started combing this forum for any knowledge I could, and asking questions. This community is awesome and you'll get any help you need or ask for. My next ANB was markedly better, and since my 3rd ANB, I've been ranking top 75 every time. I spend a bit of time farming story mode for gems, to cover the cost of the ANB's which not everyone has the time or opportunity to do, but just write stuff down, make yourself a written list of goals for your ANB's and the order you need to do them. It was all pretty overwhelming at first, and I am definitely still learning new stuff all the time. But for me, it was all about getting organized and then just following a plan.

    So where's the much-mentioned replacement for the ad boxes? The community is waiting.
    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


      *insert dead but still waiting meme here*


        A player here who is at the adjustment phase where at first struggling to gain at least 300 gems per day since ads were removed but now too lazy to open daily....


          Originally posted by Travesty View Post
          My 2 cents: Although I've never been a fan of ads, I've seen this happen in other games (along with the removal of monthly game currency value buys) and the part about, "...we will evaluate other ways to earn gems through gameplay," never happens.
          Just wanted to quote myself from two and a half months ago.

          WIZA KIZO YIJO 1935