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  • davidz
    Three easy changes that can add a lot of fun:
    1. More enchanting: allow weapons or even any gears to have two enchantments.
    2. A random live item for every ANB. The goal is to give some unique flavor to every ANB to avoid a repeating feeling. E.g. a live Cleaver which should have xp, xg and other random properties.
    3. One daily lucky draw from GORNATHAN. The lucky draw item should include legendary items.

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  • ssjwoods
    There are far too many attributes on the gear especially for newer players like myself and you end up with too much water essence anyway. Maybe take some of the water based ones away or buff them a bit. I'm sure the more experienced players would have a better idea than me about it.

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  • ssjwoods
    commented on 's reply
    I quite agree about GORNATHAN as I have never found anything he has useful, maybe add some decent legendary gear and let LIANA sell it.

  • LodWig
    Focusing on three changes easily™ achievable:
    1. Provide a better UI in combat with less clutter and a way to get a wider FoV on devices with narrow screen (note that this will remove the need for a fix to the overlapping of some UI elements on such devices);
    2. Improve the accuracy of sign identification, provide some form of sign customization, and remove the GCD when using signs;
    3. Give invincibility (and harmlessness) for a short period of time after resurrection.

    P.S.: I don't list bug and exploit fixes, that's not a change but a relentless task...

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  • Zizzle72
    As a relatively new player, I don't know how long others have been waiting for a Ragadam appearance, or the "coming soon" areas to open up. Dungeon keys are basically a waste after 5 staring the level. Bug fixes, and a rebalancing across the board...too many ppl just doing the cookie cutter "Meta" crap. I mean stuff...

    Thanks for asking

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  • bojck
    1. Make vortex while beaming available on mobile.
    This has been a huge issue since forever. I've told mobile players so many times that unfortunately they are limited to ~5 trials lower than PC players, they farm more slowly, and to be on par they should choose a different set.

    2. Remove the 'immune' texts (perhaps if the 'floating numbers' option is off). They crash the game for SCR and Death from Above builds, which takes away most of the fun
    3. Tweaks in gear damage and monster attributes.
    This will add a lot of variety to the game by adjusting parameters only!

    ​​​​I can only speak for mage:
    ​​​​​​- DfA: Increase DfA bracer and Igniter's sash damage. Could be doubled and still won't pass beam/scr
    - Arcanist: increase damage as you see fit (3*). Perhaps Shards of Frozen Time boost, plus Arcane bolts, Singularity and Paradox boost.
    - Monsters: as Wispy said, monsters feeling unique is great, but still:
    Slow down the fastest a little bit.
    Reduce the effect of fast/accelerator aura
    Reduce max single heal of healers. This makes AoE builds unplayable in many maps


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  • Moriarity
    1. Add more daily challenges as it really gets old going to Marcus's village over and over to kill Merlocks.

    2. Forget the spawning in different places after a story level has been played several times. I quite often am spawned into a place where I cannot move into the game and have to go back to town and start over several times.

    3. The spawn five times creatures are more irritating than mining worlds in Mass Effect 1. That and having creatures spawn after you have left the immediate area and you have to go look for them before opening a chest.

    4. Allow choices for different bracers.

    5. Put a tavern in the Inn where players can chat and pick up side quests from NPCs for non-stock weapons, rings, etc.

    Great game but there is still a lot of ways it could be awesome!

    Oh wait, you said THREE things. Sorry. Just ignore two of the above.
    Last edited by Moriarity; 01-14-2023, 05:55 AM.

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  • WarriorSeven
    I'll assume "bug and feature backlog" fixes, FAR TOO MANY to mention here, will be separate ongoing concerns to be addressed separately as mentioned by John Welch | CEO in his Announcment New Beginnings for Eternium.

    So here's my top three "changes":

    1. Time for a rebalancing (NO nerfing please). Improvement(s) in Warrior, especially, would be appreciated by many. This will help level the playing field among the classes for more competitive Leaderboards.

    2. Examine Glory currency conversion into somthing else (preferably gems). Glory just sits there and accumulates after it's totally used as an initial recipe resource to create certain new gears for the first time (important for the more experienced players that have gone through all of this).

    3. Eliminate GORNATHAN, who is quite useless selling gear at exorbitant​ prices. Move LIANA to his place in Home Town and give her something else to do after she sells all the game recipes, namely, to also sell GORNATHAN's "Weapons & Armor" (at cheaper prices). Give her a new title as "Recipes, Weapons, & Armor Trader". Move any tasks or quests GORNATHAN​ had during gameplay over to LIANA​.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide input, and good luck!

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    These are my purely selfish requests, I have many more than these but my top 3 are:-

    1. Fix the glow effect on Mage staff.
    Broken in the update of January 2020. The issue is that the part of the glow effect that should be attached to the top of the staff became detached and floats some distance away. When running around this causes an extremely distracting ball of light to bounce about like a ball in front of your character. It's so annoying I don't use glow effects on my Mage except the Fire effect where the problem is less obvious. Reason for it being my number one choice? Glow effects are purchased with cosmetic points, certain special effects could only be obtained by paying real currency back then. Paid for content that got broken and bug reports from Beta and Live deemed too low a priority to be scheduled a fix. It's the reason I stopped purchasing Season Passes or Monthly Gems to support the game. Fix this and you will have someone ready to support the game one more.

    2. Enemy movement speed needs a rework.
    Up until version 1.5.18 all enemies moved at the same speed. This was changed so some moved faster (a lot faster) and some crawl embarrassingly slowly, all the more painful when the elite monster is named 'Fast whatever' and barely manages to limp along. The changes were made to make the game harder. Alas it did not achieve this aim, it made it more annoying. High end Trials require shopping around for maps with an optimal assortment of enemies. This change merely made many more maps fall into the abandon category. I don't believe reverting to 1.5.18 speeds is the answer though, power creep since then would make it too easy. I'd like to see enemy speeds re-balanced. The slowest enemies need a significant movement speed boost, and the fastest need slowing down a little. A fast charger paired with an accelerator mob - impossible to react and avoid!

    3. Stormcaller Regalia rework.
    This is a good set of Mage armour and has potential to compete with the ELR meta, however even with the last attempt at addressing some of the issues around performance, this set still suffers from causing catastrophic lag. Optimising how it's attacks operate, removing the clouds of messages that can appear, and improving it's single target capabilities would make this set an excellent alternative to ELR.

    That's all for now, thank you for asking

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  • Mechworks
    More stuff with set items to play with would be nice, perhaps some mixed set bonuses? And obviously just more sets in general.

    Some additional variaty for Trial maps would be nice too, especially in terms of enemy selection; swamps crawling with Murtlocks, Levania type environments with attendant Levans, mechanicals in ruined cities, Azrack on every Elban map so we have a little ruddy warning, adding in other bosses to the rota (Gorlak, for example, or the Xenodon Giant) just stuff to add a little more variaty to the experience.

    Not having recipes for items you can't even use cluttering up the gold rota would also be nice, but that's more a new player thing; at least some control over color (even just being able toinvert the things would be great) so it's easier to avoid looking colorblind, uh.

    More Gemstones maybe? For the other effects that don't actually have them. Some way of getting better jewelry more reliably ala the Crafting skills, uh. Maybe some events that award cosmetic stuff?

    I mean other than just "Act V has Ragadam at the end so we get to punch him in the face" and "more dungeons/content in general," which I think everyone already agrees on at least in principle.


    Oh right!

    For the love of doG, companion equipment. Currently the Companions are pretty consistently way, way worse than you are even accounting for their lower level most of the time, but I've noticed that, say, the Warrior type basically has no real way to actually keep hostile attention even with their special abilities, for example, simply because their damage output is so low compared to the player that they can't keep the AI's attention.

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  • Travis | Support Mgr.
    commented on 's reply
    Can I assume that these are prioritized?

  • adolf_2003
    Personally, I like the current setup just without bugs & glitches. Ex. Fixing armory Bugs

    The following are my personal preference
    1. Additional maps & Bosses
    2. Ragadam should exist
    3. Additional hero classes
    4. Multiple Dungeons for levelling
    5. Additional useful items

    I don't expect too much, just fix everything. Its very frustrating when those bugs & glitches happen during max trial push.

    Btw Sir, thanks for asking our opinion.

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  • Arawn
    1 - Revert the alacrity nerf and eliminate the global cooldown. I want to use my abilities, not just basic attacks. Using abilities makes the game fun to play. Why on earth restrict that

    2 - Make drops useful. Presently, drops are only good for salvaging. 1/2 the stats are useless. Make some percentage of drops actually usable, even desirable

    3 - Provide a viable way to farm gems. No solution has been provided ever since the ad boxes were discontinued. Please provide a way to farm the in-game currency


    Adding to this post after competing on the LB for the first time in several years. Pushing trials with the current AR/Alacrity settings makes what Jose Sarmento pointed out in his post blatantly obvious. 3000 AR and 7 HPS is still not enough to make the game playable. Procs go to complete waste because abilities are still on cooldown. I'm baffled as to why this wasn't immediately corrected. This game has been broken since 1.5.22
    Last edited by Arawn; 03-26-2023, 03:37 PM.

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  • Travis | Support Mgr.
    started a topic What would you change?

    What would you change?

    If you could change THREE things about Eternium, what would they be and why?

    Let's please keep this thread clean, so the feedback is easy to process. Use the "comment" feature whenever possible to keep side conversations in line.