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    Originally posted by hp9000 View Post
    I was reminded of another very dumb noob issue doing a daily recently: I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to open the barrel in Marcus' Village. Later I realized you don't interact with things that way in this game but it's the third level you hit and when you've been playing all of ten minutes and basing your experience on other games, the fact that a dialog is all "ooh is someone in that barrel?" made me think I was supposed to investigate. If and when you redo those levels, I'd consider removing that dialog. It doesn't add much to the game and is pretty misleading when you're brand new.
    I totally did this too. Also kept trying to find "secrets" in story mode.
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      I liked having the prompt to speak with Alarion to start the first couple of quests in the new game set up. Actually, I was sort of disappointed to learn that this was only a tutorial that ceased to function after two quests. However, the first quest should take the player directly to the start of the quest. I took me a few tries to actually find the Ruins of the Dead (partly because I was anxious to try the new Act 4 story mode and thought I would find "ruins of the dead" there instead of in Act 1). A new hero would have to start in Act 1, so maybe it makes more sense for a new hero, but I didn't open a new player to see if hey start at Ruins of the Dead or Shores of Hope?

      After a hero finishes several quests in Story Mode (maybe after opening Heroic level in story mode), there should be another tutorial with Alarion where he introduces the player to Trials. Trials for a new or lower level hero with shoddy equipment and poor battle skills can be really frustrating, so it would be better to open up trials only after a player has some battle experience and better equipment. As a new player, I remember thinking that something must be wrong because I was doing well in Story Mode, but getting totally destroyed by mobs and bosses in Trials. I probably would have given up on the game around that time if it were not for all the good advice available on the game forums. There is a system prompt in trials when you get wiped out in a trial about equipment upgrades; maybe that could prompt a player to check out the forums for advice as well.

      New players could also benefit from tutorials with Gornathan the arms dealer and Ruby the consumables trader, where new players could learn about equipment levels and attributes, using apples and healing potions, and using boosters for gemstones and XP and the role of XP in advancing a hero. New players should learn the added value of the special gear effects on set pieces and that they can store extra weapons and equipment in their stash.

      I agree with the majority of reviewers that there should also be a similar tutorials for Morgan the jeweler to discuss jewelry crafting, so players will get an introduction to collecting and fusing gemstones. I am not sure that a new player would understand the purpose of the stash as a place for stockpiling gemstones and other equipment options, since I am assuming for a new player it would just be an empty box. Maybe even add a "Are you sure you want to sell this?" prompt for a player trying to sell gemstones or setting up the game so that only Morgan can buy gemstones to make sure they get the tutorial.

      New players should not really be prompted to weapon crafting or adding new companions, so maybe those characters & their options should only appear at a later date, such as after heroic or legendary level has been opened by that hero.


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        I started yesterday, i played on PC platform if that helps.

        I didnt have any major issues working out what to do, i did have a weird bug however (i didn't realise it was a bug at first).

        After about an hour of game-play the keyboard shortcut for immolate stopped working, i carried on for an hour or so before rebooting.
        It was at that point i discovered that the spells should have been displayed on the left hand side of the screen and that there was a mini-map.

        Neither had been displayed before i restarted the game.

        There is also no exit from the training grounds that i can see? I ended up using abandon level, so no big deal- but it was confusing.

        Jewellery crafting is a little confusing as well.

        Hope this helps