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Crafting Perfect / Near Perfect Jewelry for New Player

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    Crafting Perfect / Near Perfect Jewelry for New Player

    Special Thanks to my dude Splendor for grammar checking

    Basic rule on how to craft perfect / near perfect jewelry :
    1. Always aim for "Max Stats" uncommon Jewelry.
    2. Do not use gemstones on non-gemstone Attributes! This will prevent you from receiving the bonus.
    3. Have Fun

    Part 1: Maximum stats to aim when crafting uncommon jewelry:
    This table below shows the maximum stats for each attribute.
    Aim for these max stats in order to achieve perfect / near-perfect results.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	perfet ring stats.png Views:	0 Size:	26.4 KB ID:	182838

    Part2(A) : How many pieces of jewelry are needed to craft a legendary with the 4 highest stats possible?
    in order to get 4 nice attributes, you need to craft :
    a. 9 uncommon stats 1
    b. 9 uncommon stats 2
    c. 5 uncommon stats 3
    d. 4 uncommon stats 4

    see this picture below :
    Click image for larger version  Name:	g1965.png Views:	0 Size:	252.2 KB ID:	182839

    Part2(B) : What if i have a Jewelry Box ? Can i use it ?
    Yes, and it is recommended that you use at least 1 J-Box (jewelry box) for each attribute in order to achieve max stat values at the end of crafting.

    What is J-BOX ?

    This is what a J-box looks like:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_5267.png Views:	0 Size:	54.8 KB ID:	183026
    As it's description says, each box allows you to create 1 piece of RARE Jewelry with a single stat at MAX value.

    How to get a J-BOX ?
    J-boxes can be obtained from events such as ANBs (3 J-boxes), War Supplies (1 J-box), and as Season Milestone rewards (1 J-box without season pass).
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_16714.png Views:	0 Size:	112.0 KB ID:	194728
    so you can use this J-Box to replace one of your RARE ring before combine it with others to get epic Jewelry.

    for more information about J-BOX please refer to this post by Nhat :

    Part3: What Gemstone do you need to socket before fusing your jewelry ?
    If you already have all the uncommons you need for your jewelry, there is one more thing you need to know before fusing them.

    As you know from basic rule 2: DO NOT use gemstones on non-gemstone attributes!
    There are only 6 attributes that have corresponding gemstones for socketing. They are:

    1. Ability rate (Amethyst purple gemstone)
    2. Power (Ruby red gemstone)
    3. Vitality (Emerald green gemstone)
    4. Critical Rating (Topaz yellow gemstone)

    5. Haste (Sapphire blue gemstone)
    6. Armor (Diamond white gemstone)

    Therefore you need to use gemstones according to the attributes associated with them.

    Non-gemstone attributes are :

    1. Life Regeneration
    2. Experience
    3. Extra Gold
    4. Critical Damage
    5. Damage Refleted
    6. Life on Hit

    When you craft jewelry with non-gemstone attributes, you don't need to socket any gemstones when fusing.

    Part4 : How to fuse it ?
    Let's take an example,
    You want to craft a perfect / near-perfect ring with the following stats: Power, Ability Rate, Critical Rating and Critical Damage.
    Here's what you need to do:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
Views:	39034
Size:	270.7 KB
ID:	200076

    You can apply the example above to any other stats, just remember "point 2 of basic rules!" Do not use gemstones on non-gemstone attributes!

    If you are still confused about gemstones, please watch the video below by Romme :

    Part5 : Adding attributes to your awesome jewelry using enchantments:
    After crafting your awesome, legendary, perfect / near-perfect jewelry, you will want to enchant them.

    What do enchantments do?
    Enchantments will add an additional stats to your jewelry:

    Go to Craft -> Enchanting -> Greater Enchantments (you need to unlock the enchantment recipes by purchasing the recipes from the vendor before you can craft them).
    Select either ring or necklace enchantments:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	a.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	56.1 KB ID:	182842
    For ring enchantments you can choose to either add Vigor (+100 Vitality), Rage (+100 Power) or Deadly Clarity (+100 Critical Rating).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	b.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	34.0 KB ID:	182843

    For necklace enchantments you can choose to either add Burning Rage (+100 Power) or Vigor (+100 Vitality)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	c.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	26.7 KB ID:	182844

    You need to craft each enchantment and then add it to your jewelry. Here is the result:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2 - Copy.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	66.1 KB ID:	182845

    Ok, that's all you need to know about how to craft perfect / near-perfect jewelry, HOPE That Helps!

    and this below is other Guide on how to craft jewelry :
    Cultusfit :

    Nhat :
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    Guide :

    of all my craftin Jwwellery
    not a single one perfect or near to perfection
    but i like this one very much
    dunno wat i'm goin to do with this average ring of old
    for years it assist my variety of warriors a lot
    now that the New SW ITZ SB WW doesn't need high in CR
    Just keep in stock for cosmetic purposes i'm afraid
    maybe useful for BH or Mage??..i dunno
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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid
    trial 181 in 9:08 min (Spring Season). can't be worse can't it. O dear.

    brooch of vampirism thing. suddenly not bad. My charm of qol fail at 181 but vampirism success.

    Hv a nice day


    • kurtcabage
      kurtcabage commented
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      Thats an awesome ring you got there!
      Pass it to your mage and it'll really boost your base damage a lot.

      And what ring do you used on your warrior btw?

    • Romme
      Romme commented
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      Pretty sure this is perfect

    new warrior?
    i follow this SW guy dunno wat's his name at the LB
    this ring is based on his SW build
    unfortunately his SW has change to DW
    now i'm left with this ring. not too bad

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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid
    trial 181 in 9:08 min (Spring Season). can't be worse can't it. O dear.

    brooch of vampirism thing. suddenly not bad. My charm of qol fail at 181 but vampirism success.

    Hv a nice day


      +1 Newbie friendly. It is a nice guide. As I mentioned newbie friendly, alot of newbies don't have Custom Rare Jewelries yet, and this will help alot of newbies specially those not that good in numbers (I consider myself sometimes, haha!). Although you can add or insert the use and purpose of Custom Rare Jewelry, and how you can add 1 on each of the 3 or 4 attributes if they happen to get one.
      Eternium ID: FULU KONU ROFE 9542

      "Look me in the eye."


        Great details

        Been looking for something recent

        JALU HIHU BOCE 6210 Friend Code, add me and let me know you added so i can add you????


          I'd like to point out that Life Regeneration max is 235. This may have been part of a game update since this was posted.


          • Tin Man
            Tin Man commented
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            Good catch but the maximum is 217 since jewelry is only level 70.

          I tried to craft 144 ring (Level 70 Ring) and write it here, in case of some statistic expert will need them
          n Type Value Perfection
          1 Experience 36,30 80,67%
          2 Power 80,00 88,89%
          3 Vitally 73,00 81,11%
          4 Block Rating 90,00 100,00%
          5 Ability 78,00 86,67%
          6 Critical Rating 82,00 91,11%
          7 Vitally 88,00 97,78%
          8 Extra Gold 44,00 97,78%
          9 Haste 88,00 97,78%
          10 Life on Hit 328,00 91,11%
          11 Deflect Rating 358,00 99,44%
          12 Block Rating 87,00 96,67%
          13 Critical Damage 55,10 91,83%
          14 Ability 77,00 85,56%
          15 Life on Hit 351,00 97,50%
          16 Deflect Rating 322,00 89,44%
          17 Critical Damage 57,10 95,17%
          18 Vitally 82,00 91,11%
          19 Block Rating 73,00 81,11%
          20 Experience 36,10 80,22%
          21 Life Regeneration 174,00 80,56%
          22 Ability 75,00 83,33%
          23 Ability 80,00 88,89%
          24 Power 79,00 87,78%
          25 Life Regeneration 199,00 92,13%
          26 Critical Damage 51,30 85,50%
          27 Vitally 85,00 94,44%
          28 Experience 42,10 93,56%
          29 Critical Damage 55,00 91,67%
          30 Block Rating 87,00 96,67%
          31 Deflect Rating 300,00 83,33%
          32 Haste 73,00 81,11%
          33 Life on Hit 309,00 85,83%
          34 Life Regeneration 214,00 99,07%
          35 Deflect Rating 310,00 86,11%
          36 Block Rating 74,00 82,22%
          37 Haste 82,00 91,11%
          38 Experience 42,50 94,44%
          39 Extra Gold 42,40 94,22%
          40 Extra Gold 41,60 92,44%
          41 Life on Hit 296,00 82,22%
          42 Critical Rating 72,00 80,00%
          43 Experience 38,60 85,78%
          44 Vitally 73,00 81,11%
          45 Life Regeneration 198,00 91,67%
          46 Life Regeneration 206,00 95,37%
          47 Vitally 85,00 94,44%
          48 Experience 43,80 97,33%
          49 Vitally 77,00 85,56%
          50 Experience 37,80 84,00%
          51 Critical Damage 53,90 89,83%
          52 Haste 80,00 88,89%
          53 Experience 44,10 98,00%
          54 Vitally 86,00 95,56%
          55 Haste 79,00 87,78%
          56 Block Rating 79,00 87,78%
          57 Experience 38,00 84,44%
          58 Block Rating 77,00 85,56%
          59 Experience 41,40 92,00%
          60 Deflect Rating 355,00 98,61%
          61 Haste 76,00 84,44%
          62 Block Rating 76,00 84,44%
          63 Vitally 80,00 88,89%
          64 Life on Hit 357,00 99,17%
          65 Power 80,00 88,89%
          66 Block Rating 89,00 98,89%
          67 Extra Gold 39,20 87,11%
          68 Critical Damage 59,10 98,50%
          69 Life on Hit 349,00 96,94%
          70 Critical Rating 72,00 80,00%
          71 Power 83,00 92,22%
          72 Haste 82,00 91,11%
          73 Life on Hit 321,00 89,17%
          74 Vitally 80,00 88,89%
          75 Vitally 86,00 95,56%
          76 Haste 81,00 90,00%
          77 Haste 76,00 84,44%
          78 Haste 87,00 96,67%
          79 Vitally 76,00 84,44%
          80 Ability 76,00 84,44%
          81 Haste 79,00 87,78%
          82 Critical Damage 58,50 97,50%
          83 Vitally 73,00 81,11%
          84 Life on Hit 323,00 89,72%
          85 Experience 42,50 94,44%
          86 Power 80,00 88,89%
          87 Critical Rating 73,00 81,11%
          88 Extra Gold 40,30 89,56%
          89 Critical Rating 78,00 86,67%
          90 Experience 43,20 96,00%
          91 Deflect Rating 317,00 88,06%
          92 Life on Hit 293,00 81,39%
          93 Power 88,00 97,78%
          94 Deflect Rating 345,00 95,83%
          95 Deflect Rating 308,00 85,56%
          96 Deflect Rating 343,00 95,28%
          97 Life on Hit 357,00 99,17%
          98 Ability 84,00 93,33%
          99 Block Rating 80,00 88,89%
          100 Armour 174,00 96,67%
          101 Vitally 85,00 94,44%
          102 Haste 88,00 97,78%
          103 Life Regeneration 206,00 95,37%
          104 Extra Gold 40,70 90,44%
          105 Vitally 74,00 82,22%
          106 Ability 79,00 87,78%
          107 Life on Hit 301,00 83,61%
          108 Extra Gold 36,60 81,33%
          109 Deflect Rating 292,00 81,11%
          110 Block Rating 72,00 80,00%
          111 Life on Hit 360,00 100,00%
          112 Deflect Rating 328,00 91,11%
          113 Haste 78,00 86,67%
          114 Power 75,00 83,33%
          115 Extra Gold 39,80 88,44%
          116 Critical Damage 56,70 94,50%
          117 Deflect Rating 355,00 98,61%
          118 Vitally 77,00 85,56%
          119 Block Rating 80,00 88,89%
          120 Life on Hit 319,00 88,61%
          121 Life on Hit 323,00 89,72%
          122 Power 80,00 88,89%
          123 Critical Rating 76,00 84,44%
          124 Life on Hit 315,00 87,50%
          125 Deflect Rating 329,00 91,39%
          126 Armour 168,00 93,33%
          127 Power 74,00 82,22%
          128 Experience 38,20 84,89%
          129 Haste 79,00 87,78%
          130 Armour 174,00 96,67%
          131 Critical Damage 49,60 82,67%
          132 Life Regeneration 197,00 91,20%
          133 Vitally 89,00 98,89%
          134 Experience 44,40 98,67%
          135 Ability 84,00 93,33%
          136 Haste 80,00 88,89%
          137 Ability 74,00 82,22%
          138 Deflect Rating 323,00 89,72%
          139 Critical Damage 53,40 89,00%
          140 Critical Rating 79,00 87,78%
          141 Deflect Rating 355,00 98,61%
          142 Deflect Rating 298,00 82,78%
          143 Critical Damage 49,10 81,83%
          144 Extra Gold 37,60 83,56%
          Summary per type
          Type Appear Odds
          Vitally 17 11,81%
          Deflect Rating 16 11,11%
          Life on Hit 15 10,42%
          Haste 15 10,42%
          Experience 14 9,72%
          Block Rating 12 8,33%
          Critical Damage 11 7,64%
          Extra Gold 9 6,25%
          Ability 9 6,25%
          Power 9 6,25%
          Life Regeneration 7 4,86%
          Critical Rating 7 4,86%
          Armour 3 2,08%


          • UmbraDei
            UmbraDei commented
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            A nice exercise, but it would also be good if you include on which device you performed the test, there's a difference ;-)

          • Arhi
            Arhi commented
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            That 90 ring may have been 89,7 , really. Have you checked it? It is displayed rounded, same as other similar rings. Pure 90 are very rare, usually it is just a rounded up display value

          • D W
            D W commented
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            Ive got at least 20 rings with 90 stats right now... waiting to get gems installed... burned up my 60 crits to create a ring for my fighter... turned out not as good as I thought.

          There is a possibility to get 91 stat on jewelry. I got ability, haste and vital role of 91, ability I rolled 91 twice.


          • LodWig
            LodWig commented
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            Impossible on green jewelry. Even if you posted a screenshot I wouldn’t believe you.

          I knew id get a negative response. I wish I kept them instead of melding, but I was new and I thought oh, cool... didnt think much of it. They came up after every 1000 or so crafts. I got two on the same page. im thinking thats the trick. Is to take an entire page with 64 slots avail for crafting. But then again, this was before the fix where if you over crafted items they would go into your mailbox, but now the game will not allow you to over craft more than slots available... maybe that was another trick to get that 91. I still get 60% crit dam, tho but I think thats more of a common thing


          • LodWig
            LodWig commented
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            Assuming a fair RNG, and that a 59.95% or higher will be displayed as a 60.0%, the chances for a ring with displayed 60% is 1/240.
            The chances for a true max stat ring should be 1/32768 on PC, and 1/2147483648 on mobile. (Again, assuming a fair RNG, correctly used.)

          • Teebs
            Teebs commented
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            "I knew id get a negative response."

            That may be partly due to your previous infamous post, but also there is a fair lack of any sense of humility - in both your previous post and this one.

            Saying " possibility to get 91 stat" on the attributes in blue on Kurt's chart is something that IS unheard of among people who have crafted more jewelry over their time than I imagine you have.

            Having something happen which hasn't been experienced before would seem unusual - and when something like that happens (especially in a positive manner) is often accompanied by a screen shot - "Hey, look what I got!"

            Again - You kind of set yourself up with your infamous post which, as I recall - you just kind of kept doubling down on.

            ANY discussion "forum" is a community of sorts - maybe try to figure out what the culture of that community is.

            The Eternium community is EXTREMELY helpful ... but I would suggest you adopt a tiny bit of humility.

            ... KTB

          • D W
            D W commented
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            my bad.. I thought I was being humble... I didnt mean anything by it... I just had no clue...
            infamous post...uh, oh.. which one? Yea, man, again, I didnt mean any disrespect.

          "I knew id get a negative response." That's an interesting bit of foresight. Why did you know it? I never get anything negative here or on discord from any of the experts even when I make an apparent mistake. Which I do from time to time.

          I add my voice to the "prove it" people. Screenshot and video both next time you get it, please.


          • D W
            D W commented
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            I didnt mean it like that... ugh, been in the Philippines too long, forgetting my own I just meant that nobody would believe me and that I knew I should have kept the rings instead of using them. I didnt know better at the time... yea, I think it was a mistake cos I dont get them any more since they fixed the crafting thing.
            there was a time when you could craft more jewelry than slots and the extras would just dump in the maul box. Thats where I got my 91s. But I was also using up to 64+slots to craft... I was always outta gold. I crafted at least 100 rings at a time, maybe more...

          gonna clear out my BH item list and craft some rings. see if I can get another elusive 91.


            Great guide!

            Here is another forum post for crafting jewelry:

            My two cents:

            1) If you have a limited supply of gems, then the attributes that do not require gems will be much easier to achieve near-maximum levels.

            a) The green jewelry cubes earned from events are best used toward attributes that require gems for maximization.

            b) In order to save gems and jewelry cubes, it is best to find at least one attribute that does not require gems for maximization.

            2) Since the attribute on an uncommon is random, it is a good idea to group attributes into templates. Each template has a set of attributes that will be used for one legendary ring.

            For example, I have created six templates for jewelry creation:

            General 1
            a) Power
            b) Vitality
            c) Life On Hit
            d) Ability Rate

            General 2
            a) Haste
            b) Life On Hit
            c) Power
            d) Vitality

            Critical 1
            a) Critical Damage
            b) Critical Rating
            c) Vitality
            d) Haste

            Farming 1
            a) Extra Gold
            b) Experience
            c) Deflect Rating
            d) Life Regen

            Mage 1
            a) Ability Rate
            b) Armor
            c) Life On Hit
            d) Vitality

            Shield 1
            a) Block Rating
            b) Ability Rate
            c) Power
            d) Haste

            The General 1 and General 2 templates are designed for any type of character, including those using a Fire Lily. The Critical 1 template is designed for characters not using a Fire Lily. The Shield 1 template is for characters using a shield. The Mage 1 template is for mages, and the Farming 1 template is for characters doing gold and experience farming.

            When I craft uncommon jewelry, I plan for making jewelry in all 6 of my templates. When an epic ring is ready to be created in one of the templates, I make the ring and save it in my inventory.

            To determine whether a rare ring belongs in the #1, #2, or #3 rare position, I use a the following rough guideline:

            1) If the uncommon is in the upper 50% of the range, it qualifies for the #2 or #3 rare position for attributes that require gems for maximization, or any rare position for attributes that do not require gems.

            2) If the uncommon is in the upper 25% of the range, it qualifies for the #1 rare position for attributes that require gems for maximization.

            Any comments on these ideas?

            I edited the attributes in some of my templates.
            Last edited by AxtarOne; 01-03-2022, 05:00 AM.


              I edited the attributes in some of my templates.

              More comments...I am now realizing that Deflect Rating occurs for a disproportionately high percentage, for a specialized attribute.

              Do you guys consider Deflect Rating to be for specialized builds, or is it generally useful for all characters?

              It is becoming clear to me that the attributes are far from equal, and it would be wise to save a smaller percentage of the weaker attributes (like Deflect Rating) and a larger percentage of the stronger ones (like Critical Damage).
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              • Arhi
                Arhi commented
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                Open the leaderboard and see the push builds of the champions. You will see what they use, just click on their gear. Oh, right, it will have to be the highest leaderboard, as they have been split... Anyway, nobody uses deflect.

              • AxtarOne
                AxtarOne commented
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                I see a few mage builds in the 150+ trial levels using Stormcaller Regalia Vestments/Forbidden Knowledge/Arcane Belt of Shielding.

                This belt provides the Deflect Rating stat, but at the price of an armor penalty. I guess the stat would be useful for this type of character if you don't want to suffer the armor penalty from the belt.

                Currently, I have limited this stat to be in only the Farming 1 template (since I can farm on easier trial levels, and I can save the better stats for other templates), but I might create a Mage 2 template for this type of character (actually, I already created one non-farming ring with Deflect Rating as a primary stat, so I'm trying to see how I can use the ring).

              • AxtarOne
                AxtarOne commented
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                After posting a question on Stormcaller in another subforum, I learned that the full 6-piece Stormcaller set is pretty strong (even though it costs a lot of glory points, it still has high showings in the leaderboard). So back to the question of using Deflect Rating, it might be a good alternative to using Mage Armor or the Belt of Arcane Shielding for leveraging the Acamar bonus.

              Well all you say about using jewelry boxes and saving on gems is spot on, but I wanted to add one thing on that subject:

              a ring with 4 stats boostable by gemstones will have higher overall stats compared to a ring with 4 stats that have no gem boost. So I would choose the stats I need more over stats I need less even if it meant paying more gems for the ring.

              That said, when designing a gear set it can pay off greatly to keep all this in mind before starting to craft rings and gear, when deciding what stats to put where. For example I’m not a fan of putting ability rate on jewelry, as a set of max ar jewelry overshoots the 1.5k ar mark used on most builds.

              On the templates themselves, I can only comment on the shield one. Haste isn’t that good on a shield warrior (frenzy gives plenty of speed), so I would change that one out. Power isn’t that good either (you have all the power you need from shield block). So I’d swap those out for crit rate and damage. Especially since these rings would be only used for shield warrior as they have blockrate on them. Ability rate can stay as you need all the casting speed boost you can get for sb uptime, other usefull 4th stats would be armour or vit.
              mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

              SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


              • Arhi
                Arhi commented
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                Ah, I see. It's a long process to get fully CTed, though.

              • Wulfric
                Wulfric commented
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                You might want to keep space no 5 free so you can take your ANB toon into your main account, 5 star the story mode on all three difficulties then delete it to get some of the red gem costs sunk into that ANB toon back.

              • AxtarOne
                AxtarOne commented
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                Interesting idea. Can someone please tell me the main purpose of doing 5 star in the story mode?

              Originally posted by Kardinaal View Post

              a ring with 4 stats boostable by gemstones will have higher overall stats compared to a ring with 4 stats that have no gem boost. So I would choose the stats I need more over stats I need less even if it meant paying more gems for the ring.
              How are you able to compare the stats in the 1st group (the ones that work with gems) with those in the 2nd group (the ones that don't work with gems)?

              For example, does the Critical Rating stat with an orange gem tend to achieve better results than the Critical Damage stat with no gems, and what measurement is used to back up this conclusion?

              I am not trying to be critical of your statement, but I would like to better understand it.
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              • Kardinaal
                Kardinaal commented
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                I must say I never did any calculations on the usefulness of stats in general, or did any generalist comparison.

                I just wanted to clarify that there is a sort of price for choosing a possible stat only on the fact if you need to boost it with gems or not. For rings just used once in Anb, it’s definitely worth considering, but for “permanent” rings, just go with the stuff that benefits your char most and if that means extra gems, so be it.

              • AxtarOne
                AxtarOne commented
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                Agree that the choice of which stat benefits the character most should be the main factor for consideration. I would like to also point out that with a limited set of gems and jewelry boxes, there is a tradeoff between making those rings first and waiting until there is a greater supply of gems and jewelry boxes to boost those same stats--whereas the stats not affected by gems does not pose the same tradeoff (there is still a tradeoff, but it is smaller--your jewelry boxes can help you roll perfect rolls for both categories of stats, but they can replace gems for only the stats that can be boosted by gems).
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