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    Elban troubles

    Hi all,

    Can anyone suggest ways to kill elban at the end of act 3 or trial 43, everything goes well until he uses life drain and I am instantly killed.

    Make sure you have plenty of speed, 26+ more than enough. Keep away from him till you know what attack he is going to launch. If it is drain run opposite way.


      Run away to break the Life Drain link, he's the "Run away, run away" boss - run away from almost all special attacks...
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        You can also use blink to the direction away from him while he uses life drain. Walk first or cast it more than once, because if you are playing in mobile, casting blink by drawing its symbol doesn't work at first, I think its a long time bug but not yet fixed.


          Originally posted by Rdudez View Post
          everything goes well until he uses life drain and I am instantly killed.
          well instantly killed means you don't have anytime to run and break his life drain line...

          so just craft a normal cheap gear, rare or epic (better)
          add vit and armor or vit and life regen
          also craft pant and boots with movement speed

          then try to run away from his life drain skill, you now have more movement speed to run faster and more vit so you won't instantly died this time
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            What hero class are you running? For Warrior, you can use Deadly Throw to allow you to keep more distance between your hero and Elban. The other hero classes have the advantage of being able to attack from a distance. For Warrior, you have to work out the timing of his attacks, so you know when the next life drain is coming. Keep in mind that the closer you are to Elban, the stronger the pull of the life drain will be, so distance is important. Also, Elban has an extra strong life drain that he uses once his health is getting low that is ridiculously hard to pull away from, so you have to watch his life bar (red). His blue bar tells you when his defenses are up, so try to time your attacks for the period when the blue bar disappears.


              I did not know about the blue bar; I was just using "the force," so thanks Ozymandius.
              I've had good luck with my Warrior using Leap to escape the Life Drain, sometimes I even keep one in reserve.
              Once you've broken the chain, you can immediately re-attack.


              • Ozymandius
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                Good tip on using Leap! I will have to remember to try that. I am running a Fury Warrior in the current ANB, but so far I have just been farming XP against Kara where you can use Leap to avoid her purple arrow attacks.

              Hi guys,

              Thanks for all of the responses, I am trying everything with the same results. I have gotten elbar down to 50%, and he hits me with a super fast life drain and I die instantly, or he kills me with the same shot slowly, even if I try to run in circles it still kills me. I tried using frostbolt (lvl 9) followed by frost nova -> blizzard -> death from above. My hero is lvl 70 and my passive abilities are lvl 9+, I have also used gems in every free socket. Really not sure what I am doing wrong... do I need to craft anything special?



              • Travis | Support Mgr.
                Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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                You say you're running circles, but are you getting far enough away from him to break the life drain link...? If not, it builds up quickly and can seem like a one-and-done attack.

              • Turgeon
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                His life drain become more powerfull if you got some stack of his ability with an arrow

              Travis, I believe so, I am running around the full length of the cube where I encounter him. I tried enabling the foot speed passive ability as well, nothing seems to work. I have also purchased Maggie the healer, I read she has a silence ability that works against elban, but I don't see an option to use it.


                What level are you now? The higher level you are, the faster you will kill him that elban cannot do his special attacks anymore.


                  If you're staying in the cube area, you're probably not running far enough. I try to get him out to the hall so I have a lot of room to run straight back.

                  Make sure to clear all the normal enemies in the perimeter area--there are four groups--before you engage Elban, so they don't join the fight (and kill the healers by Elban as quickly as you are able).

                  I just tested whether you can escape the drain while staying in the cube and he killed my CL1974 character very quickly. (Granted, I didn't fight back so I wouldn't kill him before he tried the drain.) It was almost impossible to maneuver correctly in the cube.

                  ETA: Also, if you have the GMC weapon set (which you might not yet -- don't recall if you mentioned), you want to be sure to take advantage of shatter and thermal shock by alternating frost nova and immolate (and then beam or dfa). Should still be doable with normal gear, but if you have GMC, it will be easier.
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                  • Rdudez
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                    Sorry, I meant outside the cube area and after the area is clear of enemies. My heros is lvl 70 CL 160. I do have GMC as well.

                  • Sistersalvation
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                    Rdudez Ah, gotcha--I parsed that incorrectly.

                    What's your movement speed? Can try boosting it with coffee from the tavern. Or, if you'd like to share screenshots of your full stats/gear, maybe there's something there that would be helpful to improve.

                  Another one of their skill apply a dmg boost on you for 600 s3c if 5hey stack it 3 4 5 time hislife dra8n could kill anyone very fast. When a arrow appear at their feets. Run away to escape the dmg boost!