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Can't access my old account after redownloading

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    I am also having the same issues. I redownloaded and would like to sync my old email with my current account progress.


    • Travis | Support Mgr.
      Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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      If it's been a couple years since you logged into the profile, it may have been purged from the database. Do you recall the names of your heroes?

    I have a similar issue, but I DO want access to my "old" (never went stale) account. Very developed, spender, etc. Game won't update on Amazon Fire tablet, so I played for a while on phone. Now it just won't "Synch Profile," so I started playing on laptop. Solo, new character, unsaved other than to device. CANNOT "Login" with my old, legitimate account info. Even did a password recover check...just will not Synch (orb color remains yellow). Absolutely nothing reasonable is preventing my playing on laptop. Help appreciated.

    UPDATE: Out of frustration, I kept trying and instantly cancelling (Esc key)...I literally spammed it 30 some odd times and it actually synced up! Megafrustrating, but got in finally. Still looking forward to once again playing on Fire =)
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